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"Snow White versus the Seven Dwarves" - A tale of hatred.

Hello Adventurers! The time has come to shed some light on our upcoming miniature release of the “Snow White versus the seven Dwarves”...and what would be better than to share a tale with you? "Once upon a time..." [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

art made by "The art of Matt Ray"

For many years the Giants were waging a bitter war against the Dwarven Kingdoms of the frozen Nughlodar Mountains.

It seemed like the war would finally end in the favor of the Dwarves, who by the might of their great bearded warriors had slowly gained the upper hand through many and bloody battles.

But when the leadership of the Giants changed hands the War took a darker turn for the Dwarves.

Margareth (or Marga) was a she-giant that didn’t hesitate to challenge the one-eyed King of the Giant clans, Draak the Great. She called for a duel and as the bards would tell us she beheaded him with just one strike. She was crowned the Queen of the clans while the head of Draak still lay at her feet.

A fierce warrior, famous for her vicious ways and barbaric fury against her enemies, she would never let her axe down. “Take no one alive” she shouted with a booming voice to her army. She promised “rivers of blood” that will flood the Farnoon valleys (valleys beneath the dwarven Mountains) to her clans.

Many names she was given during the War but no name suited her better than “Snow White”. Her pale skin was white as the snow and cold like death.

She wanted to destroy the Dwarfs and craved for a great Empire of Giants built upon the rumble of the dwarven kingdoms, forged by the spoils of war.

She managed to kill each and every great dwarven warrior and then marched with her army through the great city of “Kael-Ben-Dur”, laying waste in her path and plundering everything in sight.

She had almost fulfilled her vision, when Bronar the Wise, the King of the Dwarves, seeing that all would be lost took a bold decision that changed the course of history: He sought help from the Kingdoms of Men and their powerful wizards.

The combined might of the Dwarves and Men Warriors, aided by the destructive magic of the wizards, defeated Marga and her army of Giants in one glorious final battle.

Marga, the Snow White Queen of Giants, was imprisoned in eternal darkness by magic spells as a punishment for her crimes against the dwarves.

Many years have passed since the last time Marga saw the light of day.

The threat of the Giants and the ghastly fate of Marga have almost been forgotten. Stories are still being told around fireplaces and in beer halls about a she-giant white as snow and cold as death. Still, every story teller has its own version and no one remembers the true facts any more.

But as the years went by and Marga stayed imprisoned in absolute darkness, never did she forget her defeat, never did her hatred against the dwarves disappeared, never did her lust for revenge went away. It only grew bigger and more sinister.

She has been gathering her strength feeding on blind hatred, darkness and horrific nightmares.

The spells that kept her imprisoned were weakened and thus she was able to free herself. Released from her magical bonds, she rose to the surface once more with only one thing on her mind: Vengeance.

Nothing reminded her of her old self.

The darkness had absorbed her and her malice was reflected in her distorted and deformed body. The only thing that stood out from her old form was her whitish skin.

The small villages around the mountains first and then the cities built out of stone tasted the devastating fury of “Snow White” as the nightmare had returned in the Dwarven Kingdoms. Everyone looked in awe as the beast had returned from eternal darkness

Seven of the greatest dwarven heroes have gathered to hunt and defeat Snow White once and for all. Will they be able to put an end on her reign of terror?

We hope you enjoyed the lore! Near the end of November this release will made available and we will show you a video review from Jeremy of Black Magic Craft!

Untill then, ready your axes, and sing the battle songs! Crippled God Foundry Team


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