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AthensCon 2018, here we come !

Welcome fellow adventurers! The Crippled God will leave his workshop and mingle with all the mortals in AthensCon 2018 !

AthensCon is the biggest pop-culture convention in Greece. You will be able to find all kinds of tabletop games, comics, cosplayers and participate in Role-playing events & activities.

In the Expo, you will be able to find the Crippled God Foundry booth at B5. There you will have the opportunity to meet the Crippled God Foundry team in the flesh, check out all our scenery and miniature range, get some insight on our very exciting future projects and benefit from the exclusive AthensCon2018 special deals that are going to run during the weekend, only from our booth. If you happen to be in Athens (Greece) for the weekend, get your tickets online and don’t miss this chance!

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