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The Curse is cast upon Hollow Hills!

Welcome fellow adventurers to the legendary city of Hollow Hills!

Ever since Greyson & Abigail -the Sorcerer Guardians of the city- fell victims to the corrupting powers of a cursed, forbidden book of arcane knowledge, this place is not what it used to be… Hordes of fallen foes have risen from the necropolis and bring destruction upon our fabled temples, upon our dearest home. The Tombs of the Fallen were once great monuments of our victories against our foes but now they have become the nest for the most foul of creatures! The streets where once fair maidens used to dance, where minstrels filled the air with the most happy songs and where artisans displayed artifacts of the greatest craftmanship are now hunting grounds for creatures hungry for the flesh of the living... Help us I bid you, oh brave adventurer! Help us lift the curse and bring an end to this terror!

The time of waiting is finally over… The Curse of Hollow Hills is now live at Kickstarter! After an amazing launch in which we got funded less than 2 hours (while we were running a live event in Facebook) the campaign is now up and running and looking great! The support from the backers has been amazing, as every day we are unlocking multiple stretch goals! This helps us bring our vision miniaturized to your table and create an amazing line of undead minions, monsters & villains for your games! Staying true to our gamer roots, we want this to be a campaign where anyone can participate! With pledges starting from 1$, you can help us create more deadly creatures for your adventures.

In return, what you get is access to our pledge manager where you will be able after the end of the campaign to choose any of the unlocked miniatures of this project, at an exclusive Kickstarter price!

If you want to help us even more, we have created 9 other pledges that can increase our funding & unlock more stretch goals before the campaign end!

There are pledges for every budget, with $7 for any single hero miniature up to 590$ for the complete collection of miniatures, painted by hand!

You can watch Black Magic Craft review our campaign in YouTube , join our Facebook group where we discuss all details of the project or come over at Kickstarter and check us out for yourself! Every little bit of support can get us a long way. Do not waste time! The city of Hollow Hills needs your help to fund all the heroes needed to save her!

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