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Is your spider-sense tingling? Blame our new sets !

On the 21st -22nd of April, we have participated at the Fantasmagoria event in Thessaloniki, Greece. There we presented new tiles and accessories as well as our first miniatures!

In more detail, the sets are the "Cavern Passages Tile Set" which is an expansion to our existing line of modular tiles. In this set there are 16 cavern themed tiles included with their antislide bases. With this set you can build passages, either straight or diagonal, or rooms with a more natural look.

Cavern Passages - 16 new tiles

Cavern Passages Tile set

The "Spider Nest Set" is an accessory add-on and has everything you will require to set up a spider infested area in your tabletop adventures. Egg nests, web tokens, cocooned bodies, webbed pillars and a larger nest area which can be used as a miniature base.

The Spider Nest Set

Our first miniatures are two monstrous spiders! Made from high quality resin, with a leg spawn of 8 cm, you can use them in combination with the "Spider Nest Set" to create an exciting cave exploring quest with challenging encounters !

Take your chances against these monsters !

Like all of our accessories, the new sets are compatible with all the Heroic scale miniatures and games and are available on our eshop.

More new products soon will be revealed. Don't forget to vistit our website and Facebook page for exciting news and updates!

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