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The Curse is broken! Our first Kickstarter campaign was a blast!

Welcome fellow adventurer! We apologize for our absence but we were... preoccupied at Hollow Hills! Our first Kickstarter was a HUGE success! More than 700+ brave souls helped us with The Curse of Hollow Hills campaign, funding it over 1500% and unlocking 20 stretch goals!

This project will help us fund a new fantasy undead miniature line, faster than we could ever do on our own! We will now work hard to cast those renders into resin & provide you with quality undead miniatures to storm unsuspecting adventuring parties at your gaming table!

Now there's a lot of work ahead of us into making this a reality, but even the longest journey starts with a single step... Let us share our next steps with you! - Late Backers -

You've seen it, you want it but you didn't make it on time? Worry NOT! If you missed the campaign but you still want to get these undead miniatures at a special discounted KS price before they hit our web shop, you have one last chance!

We have made a Late Pledge page, which you can visit at There you can become part of the project, choose a pledge (with all the applicable stretch goals) and gain access to the pledge manager when it ιs up & running. The only thing different from the original campaign is that shipping of Late Pledges will start on APRIL 2020, some months after the shipping of normal pledges.

- The next step -

We are currently working on setting up the Pledge Manager that will allow you to finalize the details of your pledge, add extra miniatures (such us the Kickstarter Exclusives which will NOT make it to our webstore) and give us your shipping address. We hope to have it ready within a months' time.

We will do our best to inform you about the project's progress regularly via Kickstarter updates, blogposts and our Facebook Page so you don't miss a thing about how it will be done. If you have any questions about anything, feel free to sent us a message or mail! We'd be glad to answer anything!

Please remember to subscirbe to our newsletter for special offers and all the critical information about our current & future projects!

The Crippled God Foundry Team

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