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The Curse of Hollow Hills

(Disclamer: This is not an April fools joke!)

Back at the start of 2019 we decided to create a unique miniature project based on the undead horrors that plagued our childhood games.

It took us a bit more time than what we originally planned because we wanted to make sure that everything looks fresh, original and amazing. We are very proud to announce "The Curse of Hollow Hills", our first Kickstarter miniature campaign. This project will include a vast collection of undead monsters, villains and heroes. It will go live on Kickstarter on April 30th. We have created a landing page for this project over here, where you can find more details about this project. As we are getting closer to launch date, we will release more information about all the pledges, and features of this campaign. We hope you are as excited about this as we are. Please make sure to subscribe & follow us so you don't miss any future updates.

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