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Tales from the Swamp!

“Is it ready yet?” Patty asked, stroking kindly the overgrown rat at her feet. “Patience, love! Not a point them being chewy now, is there?” Betty answered while stirring a big bone spoon inside the cauldron. “My children are famished, sister…” she slurred every word. “They might get a bite off your fat ankles if it takes you any longer!”. A hundred pairs of yellow eyes glared from the shadows around the small clearing. A hundred jaws filled with filthy, rotten, yellow teeth started clacking as if making a note of the threat. Then a wind rose, some dry twigs snapped off the trunks and a man -screaming for mercy- was thrown before the two horrid figures. Too scared to understand there was none left in them. “Oh what a lovely surprise! Another one you bring for us dear sister?” Betty exclaimed, as she dropped the bone spoon to the ground and wiped her hands on an old piece of cloth she used as a towel. “He will have to do then. Go on my children, be quick about it...” Patty said and a hundred giant rats leaped from the shadows upon the man, squeeking with excitement for their meal. “Leave out his eyes, his tongue and his liver” Esther said as she took shape from a shadow that looked like a snake. “I needs them all, to see into his dreams, to speak to his loved ones of his demise and for Betty to make a stew! Gosh for we love a good liver stew in the midst of the winter!”

Some miles southwest, up on the side of a mountain, at the central square of a small village, 5 small, hooded figures were standing in the rain. “I found the sword and this bow. I can’t swing the sword and shoot the bow at the same time… anyone knows how to use either one?” “Pappa taught me how to shoot! I can put it in an apple from across the field! And Maggy can help me with the quiver! I can’t shoot AAAND hold it at the same time! It bumps on me legs!” “Yes, I can do that!” “SHHH!!! Be quiet! You will wake up everybody and they will drag us back inside our homes!” “Jonas is right. Be quiet. This is not a game. It’s our own daddies and mommies and our own lives now on the line. Is everybody absolutely sure about this? We might not make it back…” “They would do it for us, Beldan. We have to try.” “Ok then, off we go, down the slope and into the Black Swamp to find the Maidens Three. Their names are written here. Its written what we have to do. And these symbols, I can’t read them but in a way I know them… We can end them.” Without another word, five brave children started to walk in the rain and darkness. And their best friend followed, with a wiggling tail.

Welcome fellow adventurers!

Dungeon Crawl is fine but not all encounters happen in a tomb or a castle. Our next project happens in the swamps where a bunch of brave kids -our Little Adventurers- will go and face the Maiden Three, a Hag Coven made by the sisters Auntie Betty, Ratty Patty & Fester Esther. As of the environment, we wanted something bigger, better and DEADLIER! Introducing Swamp Encounter Tiles! These are larger than our standard 4x4 tiles, designed to be able to set up quickly a large area as a swamp or any other muddy, dirty & generally filthy location. This week we have made available all the miniatures and accessories to our Swamp Tales project! Subscribe to our newsletter and Facebook page to stay updated about all the other releases of our Swamp Tales!

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