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Modular Tile System

We are fans of Dungeons & Dragons RPG and classic dungeon crawl miniature board games like Hero Quest.
The whole idea started because we like to use in our adventures miniatures, accessories and scenery.
We weren’t satisfied with the current options available, because they were either lacking detail, were very expensive or offered limited modularity.

We wanted to have an affordable reusable modular terrain, with excellent detail, easy to customize and paintable to our liking, for adding more style, flavor and fun to our favorite Role Playing Games.

So with using our best abilities and effort, we created the:

“Crippled God Foundry: Modular Tile System”

Dimensions of a modular tile

The specifications of our Modular Tiles are:


- The dimensions of each tile, is 6cm x 6cm, divided into 4 squares of 3cm x 3cm and with 2cm wall height (if there is any). The reason behind this, is by having a template of standard dimensions but of various different styles, will allow you to build many different variations and sizes of dungeons or other scenery!

We moved a step ahead from the standard scale of 1 inch per square, because we wanted our miniatures to have more space for Adventure!

- With maximum height of 2 cm, you can easily move miniatures, dice, and accessories without much effort.

- Hand sculpted and hand casted.

- Made from high quality resin.

- Durable, can withstand hard usage.

- Various different themes: dungeon, ruins, caverns and many more!

- Paintable with hobby acrylic paints of your choice.

- Available into two style variations: resin gray or expertly hand painted.

- Each Tile comes with and antislide base to allow a firm grip as you build your scenery. It comes unglued or we can glue it for you if requested.

- Reusable, so with one or more tile sets, can make infinite number of terrain variations!

- Suitable for the heroic scale miniatures and games (25mm-32mm).

- Made in Greece.

Modular tile with antislide base
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