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New Years Resolution!

Happy New Year fellow adventurers! We hope 2019 brings you health, happiness & creativity in all your endeavors. 2018 has been an amazing year for us. In the beginning of last summer, we took a chance and started crafting miniatures to compliment our dungeons, with the hope that you will like what you see. Your feedback and your encouragement has been amazing and you gave us the push we needed to dive head over heels into creating heroes, monsters and villains for your games!

Inspired by your feedback, our New Years Resolution is to bring you a complete, thematic miniature experience for your gaming table. Our first big project for 2019 will be a complete collection of what we believe to be the most iconic undead creatures for every role-playing adveture. This will include everything from the lowest and most pesky skeletons up to dreadfull vampires and unholy necromancers, possibly something even bigger than that! Of course new heroes will join our ranks to fight this undead menace!

We’ve been secretly working this project for some time now so hopefully everything will become available sooner than what you might expect. As this is a big project though, we are going to need a bit more support than usual so we will propably be using a crowdfunding platform to bring this to resin as fast as possible!

To give you a small taste of things to come, here is some concept art for our project, made by our good friend Apocalypse !

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