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About Us

We are Crippled God Foundry, a team of long time friends and gamers, passionate about pen & paper rpg’s and fantasy miniatures!


Our vision is to bring the magical fantasy we grew up with together with our unique and interesting ideas, into your games & tables by offering something new to the hobby we all love!

Since 2016, we create highly detailed fantasy miniatures, scenery pieces and accessories with traditional and modern methods that you can use in your favourite tabletop games, paint them and add them to your miniature collection!


We are well known for our high quality miniature products that are available in hand-casted resin, digital 3D printable files and 3D printed on demand.
We have three successful and well received Kickstarter campaigns under our belt and we run a monthly subscription service where we release a new collection of fantasy miniatures every month!


With your love and support we will continue to create and provide you with awesome and interesting miniatures, terrain and accessories and bring the magical beauty of Fantasy to your gaming table!

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