Frequently Asked Questions

WOW! Crippled God! You must be huge fans of Steven Erikson, right?
We are huge fans, but -as we are also Greek- we wanted to give a bit of credit to Hephaestus, the ancient Greek God of forges, smiths & artificers. We want to make the finest miniatures, terrain & accessories and his myth is a great inspiration for us!

What is everything made of?
Everything we craft is made from high quality model resin, handcasted  in-house.

Your products seem really nice but why should I choose them when there are so many alternatives on the market?

We are gamers first & foremost and everything we make is designed with the needs of a gamer in our minds. The detail in our models is nothing like you have ever seen before in a 28mm scale miniature. Our terrain & accessories are designed in a way that they can be used easily throughout your games and not just serve as props. Our high quality resin makes all our products pretty durable so you won’t always have to worry that they might break if you use them in a game. Our handcrafting technique makes sure that there is nothing wrong with your models & terrain when you get your order.
And everything we make, we try to fit it in your budget! Everything is priced based on materials & manual labor, no premium “brand” price bumbs!

You are based in Greece but I am 20.000 miles away, can I get everything I want from you?
Sure thing! We ship internationally via the Hellenic Post Service (ELTA) to keep shipping costs at a minimum. We will provide you with a tracking number for your order so you can keep an eye while it’s coming to you. Shipping costs are calculated according to the weight & destination of the order & you can always view the estimated costs before checkout.
And if your order is over 100€, we will cover the shipping costs for you!

So when am I getting my order?
Because everything is hand-crafted on demand, the time to create your order depends on the volume of items of your order. A typical order of 2-3 tiles sets plus some miniatures will usually take about 10-15 days, perhaps some more time if you require painting as well. We will keep you informed on the state of your order at all times & will ship as soon as everything is ready to go!

What about customs & import taxes?
As the customs & imports laws vary from country to country, we can’t figure that out for you. Buyers are responsible for any customs & import taxes that may apply. We do not take any responsibility for delays due to customs.

This is all great, but I have some further questions! How can I contact you?
You can use the “CONTACT” tab of our website, send a direct email to us at or send us a message via any of our social media platforms!

What are your modular tiles ? 

​As gamers in “Crippled God Foundry” we based our modular tile system in the common base size of miniatures and therefore we increased the common square dimensions from 2,5 cm x 2,5 cm to 3cm x 3cm. In this way each flat tile can easily fit 4 miniatures .

In more detail each tile, is 6cm x 6cm, divided into 4 squares of 3cm x 3cm and with 2cm wall height (if there is any). With maximum height of 2,2 cm, it is easy to move miniatures, dice, and accessories without much effort.

Our tiles come unpainted, but we do offer a painting service..

Each Tile comes with and anti slide base to allow a firm grip as you build your scenery. It comes unglued or glued if requested.

Our tiles are designed in such a way that with one or more tile sets, can make infinite number of terrain variations!

Finally, our tiles are suitable for any kind of heroic scale miniatures and games (25mm-32mm).