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Weave Dragon

With this purchase you get:
- Weave Dragon miniature.
- a scenic base for the miniature.
- Printed from a high resolution Resin 3D printer.

This miniature is from March’22 Release: "Era of Forbidden Magic".


"The Weave Dragon was lured into the Arcane Auditorium long ago by the enormous power permeating the place.
He quickly discovered that hewas able to absorb the energy of this place, growing in strength himself. He didn't notice, however, that the energy changed him - making him dependent on constantly absorbing Weave powers.
Kept away from the secrets of the Auditorium only by the enormous strength of Keeper of Knowledge, it feeds on every inhabitant who leaves the fortress's cover for a moment in search of power.
He will promise, lie, help and deceive anyone who in his eyes allows him to come close to the cavernous source of arcane magic within the ancient structure. Depending on the intentions of the daredevils who come to the place he calls as his hoard, he maybe their greatest ally or their worst enemy..."

Weave Dragon

    • Suitable for tabletop games of 28-32mm scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Printed in high resolution Resin 3D printer.
    • Support structure removed & UV cured.
    • Delivered unpainted.
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