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Soul Eater

With this purchase you get:
- Soul Eater miniature.
- a round scenic base.
- Printed from a high resolution Resin 3D printer.

This miniature is from April’22 Release: "Ancient Spirit of Evil".


"During the old days when the pharaohs ruled the land, giant crocodiles were considered sacred animals living in rivers that were the key aspect of the growth of the country's power.
They fiercely defended access to rivers just as pharaoh and his warriors defended the land from dangers. They were such a vital symbol to rulers that they were often embalmed and traveled with them through the Rite of Passage.
However, they were brought back to the mortal realms along with all the rest of the court. Released to wreak havoc and destruction among the mortals, they will steadfastly defend their master's abode."

Soul Eater

    • Suitable for tabletop games of 28-32mm scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Printed in high resolution Resin 3D printer.
    • Support structure removed & UV cured.
    • Delivered unpainted.
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