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Nesos, The Bearer of the Mantle

Nesos, The Bearer of the Mantle miniature!

This miniature is from the Shattered Hell Kickstarter collection and can be used as a monster or villain character in your rpg games.

Nesos was once a Centaur shaman of great power. He was gifted the Mantle of Persephone by Tisiphone in disguise, he was slowly corrupted by infernal influence.
After he sacrificed himself in a demonic ritual that weakened the borders between the Planes, he was born again as a monstrous abomination in Underworld’s. Half crazed, he seeks in vain and despair, forbidden magical knowledge to regain a life long lost.

Nesos, The Bearer of the Mantle

€12.00 Regular Price
€9.60Sale Price
    • One Nesos, The Bearer of the Mantle miniature.
    • Size:  Height: 60mm
    • Suitable for 28-32mm tabletop scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Made in High Quality Resin, vacuum and pressure casted.
    • Delivered unpainted.