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With this purchase you get:
- One Cyclops miniature, in a pose of your choice.
- Round scenic base.
- Printed from a high resolution Resin 3D printer.

This miniature is from February ’22 Release: "Mountan War: Bone and Flesh".


Cyclops are aggressive creatures, much larger and stronger than ogres. Previously, they fought the Ogres for supremacy of the mountains in the north. With the advent of the Dwarves - a new and powerful problematic faction, the Cyclops decided they disliked little men more than ogres.
They had an alliance with the Ogre King until at least every dwarf was rid of their mountains.


    • Suitable for tabletop games of 28-32mm scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Printed in high resolution Resin 3D printer.
    • Support structure removed & UV cured.
    • Delivered unpainted.
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