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Imperial Champion

With this purchase you get:
- Imperial Champion miniature.

- Pet Lizard miniature.
- Two round scenic bases.
- Printed from a high resolution Resin 3D printer.

This miniature is from May’22 Release: "Death Coliseum".


"Imperial Champion was a slave long time ago, forced into the arena. He was trained by the previous arena champion not only in combat, but also in ways of pleasing the crowd. All of this resulted in his extraordinarily long and successful career in the Coliseum. His pet lizard was a gift from the Empress after his first tournament."

Imperial Champion

    • Suitable for tabletop games of 28-32mm scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Printed in high resolution Resin 3D printer.
    • Support structure removed & UV cured.
    • Delivered unpainted.
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