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SkyCon 2017 with Ed Greenwood

Robert Morris, founder of SkyCon, wrote a testimonial about our participation at the "SkyCon Gaming Event":

“SkyCon just recently held their inaugural event at the end of October. I had reached out to to Crippled God Foundry to ask if they wanted to sponsor us and they jumped on the opportunity. I didn't realize they were half a world away, but they delivered. The display they sent was superb! Most of our guests stopped by to admire their work and inquire/comment. The materials are sturdy and detail is phenomenal! Ed Greenwood, the Archmage himself sat down to admire the detail! If you're looking for a beautiful set of terrain for your table, Crippled God Foundry has SkyCon's approval." Rob Morris - Founder of SkyCon Games

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