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Latest addition: "Haunted Forest Set "

In a good story, the heroes often must quest to a Dungeon were the Evil is hiding. But it's not easy for the Heroes to get there, because they must travel through poisonous swamps, ancient ruins and haunted forests full of monsters... Now with the “Haunted Forest Set” you can embark to an epic adventure like never before! The “Haunted Forest Set” is our latest addition to the “3D modular Tile System”. 12 new tiles to create a forest or field for encounters, camping site or anything you can imagine! You can also combine more than one set to build a big forest, to explore!

The "Haunted Forest Set " includes: - 4 Ground Tiles - 3 Dual Trees Tiles - 3 Single Tree Tiles - 2 Center Tree Tile - 12 Antislide Bases (* some assembly required)

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