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Zeordum, the Tiefling Paladin

Zeordum can be used as a Hero or NPC character in your rpg games.


This miniature is from the Shattered Hell Kickstarter collection.


Zeordum is an experienced warrior and a former general of a Holy order. He was the only survivor and captain of a military unit sent to repel the Demon attack; Now the Gods have given him a chance to avenge the loss of his brother in arms. He is accepted by all as the unofficial leader of the group. With his strategic mind and cunning leadership they will have a chance against the Demon Hordes.

Zeordum, the Tiefling Paladin

€7.00 Regular Price
€5.60Sale Price
    • Suitable for 28-32mm tabletop scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Made in High Quality Resin, vacuum and pressure casted.
    • Delivered unpainted.