The Deathbringer

“When Gods mate with Men, Spawns are created that roam the mortal realms, cursed to know not their own desires, but only the will of their godly ancestors. On rare occasions, a malevolent deity -who is hatred , destruction and death incarnate- might bring a demigod into the world, destined to destroy all arround him, for his task is to bring souls to its creator. These beings are known as Deathbringers and many heroes have met their end on the edge of their swords, trying to stop them from anhilating civilizations. Who can stop this one I wonder…”


from the works of Baeldur, Loremaster of Crinth Tab-Arr

The Deathbringer

  • This is a 5 part miniature, sized 35mm (eyes to toes).
    Suitable for most fantasy Role-playing games, board games & wargames.
    It is made from high quality resin, vacuum and pressure casted.
    This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires some minor assembly
    Weight: 15gr
    *Base is not included.

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