Snow White vs the Seven Dwarves Miniatures Set

Once upon a time...
A great evil has awakened. The albino giantess Snow White has risen once again to wreak havoc and death in the Dwarven lands.

A group of seven dwarf heroes stands against her devastating fury and will try to defeat her once and for all!

Snow White vs the Seven Dwarves Miniatures Set

€99.00 Regular Price
€79.00Sale Price
  • SAVE MORE THAN 20€ if you get this set instead of purchasing the miniatures indivindually!

    - 6 dwarf miniatures (28mm size)

    - 1 dire bear miniature (35mm size)

    - 1 “Snow White” giant miniature (75mm size)

    - 1 Dwarven Battle Armor miniature (70mm size)

    - 9 sculpted thematic bases

    - A postcard flyer with the "Snow White versus the Seven Dwarves" art from Matt Ray

    - A two sided flyer with the lore.

    *all miniatures are unpainted and unassembled.

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