Dungeon Accessories: Traps

Dungeon Accessories - Traps

In a proper Dungeon, the adventurers not only have to battle evil monsters, but also to overcome deadly traps and treacherous hazards…The “Dungeon Accessories – Traps” set brings 5 iconic modular traps to your game table!

This is a hand sculpted 5 piece set, made form high quality resin, fully compatible with 25-32 mm miniature scale.

The “Dungeon Accessories – Traps” comes in two variations: in resin gray (unpainted) or Expertly Hand Painted!

Dungeon Accessories: Traps

  • - 1 Gas Trap
    - 1 Liquid Trap
    - 1 Flame Trap
    - 1 Spike Trap
    - 1 Floor Blade Trap


  • 20 gr