Cavern Tiles: Passages

Cavern Tiles: Passages

This is a 16 piece modular tile set, made form high quality resin and expertly hand sculpted.
In use with the "Cavern Tiles - Basic Set", now you can create a proper modular Cavern for your RPG game. 
You can combine more than one set for creating fantastic and unique Caverns!

This set is for the 25-32 mm miniature scale and is fully compatible with our “Modular Tile System”.

All tiles and accessories are made from high quality resin and are available in two variations: unpainted or expertly handpainted!

Cavern Tiles: Passages

  • - 4 Diagonal Wall Tiles
    - 6 Passage Tiles
    - 2 Dead End Tiles
    - 4 Cavern wall 2
    - 15 Antislide Bases (* assembly required)

  • 0,76 kg

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