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Beholder Gladiator

With this purchase you get:
- Beholder Gladiator miniature.
- a round scenic base.
- Printed from a high resolution Resin 3D printer.

This miniature is from May’22 Release: "Death Coliseum".


"Beholder Gladiator is a warrior who once faced the mighty Beholder inside it's lair and was the only survivor of this encounter. The beast was slain but the horrifying memories  of carnage that ended the lives of his brothers in arms burdened the warrior greatly. He lost a piece of his sanity there and never did truly recover. Fellow gladiators say then he is often seen emotionally speaking to his shield. When asked, he convincingly explains that monsters soul is trapped in the item."

Beholder Gladiator

    • Suitable for tabletop games of 28-32mm scale.
    • Multy part miniature, minor assembly needed.
    • Printed in high resolution Resin 3D printer.
    • Support structure removed & UV cured.
    • Delivered unpainted.
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