Era of
forbidden magic

Powerful Wizards come to the Arcane Auditorium to find the secret of ultimate magical knowledge.

But there is more to this legend as the guardian of this place has set an elaborate trap to amass great arcane power…

Mountain War:
Bone and War

The BloodTooth Ogres are sharpening their spiked clubs and rusty knives and getting ready for the Dwarf attack. They lured the dwarfs out of their cursed city by kidnapping the Dwarf Queen!
The ambush is set and will slay them all so the King of BloodTooth Ogres will rule the region bathed in dwarven blood and gold!


Mountain War:
Stoneheart clan

The Mountains tremble as the Dwarfs of  StoneHeart Clan go to War!"
They are furious as their Queen is missing and as they shape the metal in armor, weapon and war machine the only thought in their mind is: the Ogres will Pay!

Santa and
the Goblin

Krampus and his Gang of Flying Goblins have stolen Santa’s Presents in a way to ruin Holidays!
Santa Nigoliath along with his loyal companions, follow the Goblins in a wild chase up in the skies to save the Holidays!

DecemberReleaseSantaAndThe GOblinTHieves.jpg

Of Acheron

Taking advantage of Charon’s absence, Banshee Queen has taken hold of Necromanteion of Acheron! Using the temple’s energies, directs the souls of the dead to fuel her phylactery to gain power!
Will the Heroes from the Cult of the God of Death be able to put an end to her plan?


A group of fearless monster Hunters travel to the Crimson Swamp in a quest to face the Evil Hag and her minion monstrosities!

SeptemberReleaseTheBlack Dragon Company.jpg

The Black

A powerful mercenary organisation with military, arcane and divine practitioners in their ranks. Led by the Sinister Three, a group of fearsome individuals, they rent  their services to anyone who has a heavy purse or rare magical items to pay.


A pair of Heroes embark to enter the Labyrinth to save Daedalus and put an end to the evil experiments of the Mad King Minos!



A cursed undead Pirate crew sails the seas in their rotting vessel, following their dark master’s bidding and accompanied by unspeakable monstrosities.

Road of Madness

A Merchant Caravan travels through the Road of Madness followed closely by a gang of bloodthirsty Bandits in their battle wagons accompanied by a War Mammoth in a wild chase!


Call the Guards

A group of law enforcers and peace keepers known as the City Watch, is ensuring the well-being of the commoners, solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice!

of The Mountain

Travel deep under the mountain to the lair of a Mad Wizard and his minions, explore narrow caverns and engage in battle with a duergar warband and other strange creatures!


Enchanted Forest

Your travels brought you to the mystical land of the Fey Creatures where Centaurs, Elves, Dryads and Fairies live, protected by the Fey Dragon and ruled by the Fey Queen

in the

A jousting event where the crowd cheers the noble knights who clash at each other, skilled entertainers perform unique shows, and a murder on the loose! 


Harsh North

Many terrors roam the North lands, from Bugbear raiding parties and feral Yetis to Frost Giant patrols and the legendary Frost Worm!

The Dark Alley

Welcome to the Dark Alley where people and places of questionable occupations reside!


Shattered Hell

This release features bloodthirsty Demons and Demonic Warriors, a powerful Demon Prince, a slain Demon Titan remains and a duo of legendary Slayer Heroes!

Cult of Zargon

A collection of cultist miniatures, summoned abominations, a banished Demon God, a team of fearless heroes and various thematic terrain pieces such as a summoning portal and ancient ruins.


We are off to see the Wizard!

A collection of magical constructs, gargoyles, an evil wizard with his cute caretaker and the Wizard's tower!

Into the Woods

A wandering Witch with her wagon and strange familiar, animated humanoid tree creatures of various sizes as well as some of more animalistic form and a huge hulking creature made from dirt, rock and roots!


Mighty Roar

A collection of Orc warrior miniatures with weapon options, two female Hero miniatures and the Orc Tribe Encampment modular terrain buildings!

in the Farmlands

A collection of dangerous Ankhegs, two Hero miniatures and a fully modular Inn building with furniture decorations, innkeeper and waitress!