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A collection of 100+ STL Miniatures & Scenery pieces every month!

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and 50+ bases with new miniature added every month!


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  • Stats & Lore PDF, compatible with DnD 5e!

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Delve deep into an unexplored jungle where you will encounter forgotten ruins and meet an ancient serpentine race: The Ophidians!

Era of the Great Serpent:

March of the Living Dead:

Get ready to face things beyond the grave, where a long dead Necromancer rises once more!

Seeking revenge from all the living who wronged him, unleashes his undead minions to bring death and destruction to the land!

The Living Dead are marching again!


Rise of the Shark God:

Descend into the deep seas, where you will face the Carcharodons: a villainous aquatic race, their monstrous servants, sea creatures, aquatic heroes and the Avatar of the Shark God!

The Cursed Sultan:

In this release you will travel across the hot desert in search for the Vampire Sultan's Lair, where you will encounter ghoulish minions, monstrous abominations, bloodthirsty Vampires, along with a brave heroes in a quest put an end to the menace of the Cursed Sultan!


Death Coliseum:

A collection of Gladiator Champions, Arena Monsters, Modular Gladiator Fighters, modular Spectators, the Empress with her royal followers along with a fully modular Battle Arena, Accessories & scenic bases!!

Ancient Spirit of Evil:

An Undead Pharaoh King rises from the grave and amasses his army of mummified warriors and undead abominations, to fulfil an ancient prophecy!
A collection of mummy themed monsters, villains and heroes, scenic bases and interactive terrain pieces!


Era of
forbidden magic

Powerful Wizards come to the Arcane Auditorium to find the secret of ultimate magical knowledge.

But there is more to this legend as the guardian of this place has set an elaborate trap to amass great arcane power…

Mountain War:
Bone and War

The BloodTooth Ogres are sharpening their spiked clubs and rusty knives and getting ready for the Dwarf attack. They lured the dwarfs out of their cursed city by kidnapping the Dwarf Queen!
The ambush is set and will slay them all so the King of BloodTooth Ogres will rule the region bathed in dwarven blood and gold!