December 21, 2018

“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and REJOICE!” Holiday Sale & Giveaway!

Welcome fellow adventurers!

You can’t have holidays without a present, so the Crippled God is having a giveaway!
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December 14, 2018

“Is it ready yet?” Patty asked, stroking kindly the overgrown rat at her feet.
“Patience, love! Not a point them being chewy now, is there?” Betty answered while stirring a big bone spoon inside the cauldron.
“My children are famished, sister…” she slurred every word....

December 6, 2018

Welcome fellow adventurers,

This past weekend we participated in AthensCon 2018, the biggest Con/Expo in Athens dedicated to comics, movies, games and all things nerdy!

It was there that you had the chance to see our latest work -the Deathbringer- before anyone else!

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